Show your horses at their best...

In their own backyard!

Not only do we photograph horse shows, we are proud to service top show barns all over the country for farm shoots. Call us at the office to schedule your private shoot. We criss-cross the country several times a year, so it's likely we'll be in your neighborhood soon! Gather a group of friends and split the travel expenses to make it more affordable for everyone.

  • Round-trip airfare to your location plus hotel accommodations and car rental, if necessary.

  • $50 daily fee (per diem)

  • $125 per horse for unlimited shooting of the horse. Includes 4x6 color proofs and a low resolution disk.

  • Six (6) horse minimum, could be split among more than one farm if they are in relatively close proximity.

  • Enlargements are extra. For prices, click HERE