Howard Schatzberg is a second-generation equine photographer.  Howie (as most everyone calls him) has been photographing horses for over 30 years, following in the footsteps of his well-known father Jack.  Howie began shooting with his father at the age of 15.  The first horse show Howie shot was a hunter/jumper show in southern California.  Shooting hunters and jumpers was the beginning of the diversity that Jack encouraged Howie to maintain.

Living in Arizona, Arabians and hunter/jumpers dominated the show circuit.  With Jack’s constant encouragement it was time to move on to other parts of the country.  The challenge and admiration of the saddle horse/Morgan breeds were what drew Howie out to the mid-west and east.  Some of the first shows Howie photographed were: The Good Samaritan (where he received his first color cover photo on Saddle & Bridle Magazine), Circle J in Estes Park Colorado, Kendall Classic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Monterey Morgan in California, and several Grand Prix Jumper shows in California to mention a few.

With the support of friends and exhibitors, Howie is proud to cover some of the most prestigious shows in the industry: the Scottsdale All Arabian, Lexington Jr. League, Kentucky State Fair and World Championship Horse Show, National Show Horse Finals, World Championship Morgan Horse Show, Friesian Nationals and the American Royal.

Howie and Megan Ballin were married in February of 2008.  Megan brings dog, Dottie, cat Sitta, and horse Tucker to the Schatzberg family.  Howie’s daughter Hailey, son Joseph, daughter Jacqueline, dog Ellie, and various other creatures live in Cave Creek, Arizona.  Hailey is an avid animal lover.  At any given time she has goats, snakes, horses, assorted rodents, and of course dogs! Joey is in to extreme sports.  His favorites are motorcross and hockey.  When Howie is not traveling to one of the 20+ horse shows, he enjoys sharing all of these activities with his family.